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Groundswell ❤️ Data Warehouse

by Hari Nayak
Wednesday, October 12, 2022

📣 Groundswell now works with BigQuery, PostgresSQL, Redshift, and Snowflake to help Salespeople identify and act on top accounts without skipping a beat!

Two trends—Product-Led Growth and the Modern Data Stack—are reshaping how companies go to market. They fit together naturally. Data collection and analysis are the keys to a successful PLG implementation, with many companies able to achieve these tasks more easily thanks to the Modern Data Stack. This new partnership will arm more go-to-market teams than ever with insights. 📈

Insights are essential, but they're worthless without action. Groundswell was founded to help make insights on product usage actionable without end-users ever needing to learn a new tool or write SQL queries. We at Groundswell believe product usage data is the strongest indication of customer intent. It should be the basis on which marketing and sales teams take action. Adding firmographics, demographics, and buyer intent to product usage creates the best results.

🚀 We launched in April with Segment - the source of product usage data, and Salesforce and Slack - as actionable destinations. Since then, we've built integrations to major Sales Engagement Platforms like Apollo, Outreach, and SalesLoft.

We believe that Data Warehouses will become the primary source for all customer data within a few years, fueled by the growth of the Modern Data Stack (MDS) eco-system. Because you own your data, there's no need to be locked into expensive CDP plans. And the rich ecosystem of tools with which you can act upon that data makes DWH very compelling.

📣 Today we’re delighted to announce support for Data Warehouses as a source of product usage data. We're excited to help you unlock the power of your data -

  • Create leads or contacts in CRMs when users cross a certain product usage threshold and meet your Ideal customer profile
  • Nurture users by adding them to email campaigns in either marketing automation or Sales Engagement Platforms
  • Send you a personalized daily digest of top accounts and champions in Slack.

To start, we’ll support BigQuery, PostgresSQL, Redshift, and Snowflake—thanks mainly to our friends at Hightouch and Census, who made this broad coverage possible.

Whether you're starting your PLG journey or trying to make data work for GTM teams, we are happy to help. Schedule a time with us.