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The only invisible product-led sales solution

Groundswell does not require learning, logging into, and updating yet another tool. We are the only one to bring product-led sales into the places you already live – CRM and Slack.

We'll show you how to connect to Groundswell, uncover the PQLs you're missing, and close more sales

Why Groundswell, and why now

We've seen a boom in product-led sales solutions promising to help you uncover and close more PQLs with product usage data. There is just one problem
They all require learning, logging into, and updating yet another tool – you don't need another tool.
You need your accounts prioritized, insights visible, and actions set where you already live – CRM and Slack. This is Groundswell.

More visibility

Groundswell brings product usage data from Segment or your data warehouse into Salesforce and Slack. No learning and logging into another tool.

More efficiency

Automatically prioritize accounts and set activities using product usage data. No more logging into your clunky BI tool.

More action

Complete activities such as creating a new PQL or adding a lead into an email cadence with one click or automatically. No more manual work.

How you'll drive product-led sales and retention with Groundswell

Meet reps where they are

Connect Groundswell to Segment or your data warehouse (takes 30 minutes or less).

Now, you can create "plays" that automate sales admin tasks and empower reps to take action using product usage data – all without leaving Salesforce or Slack.

Salesforce custom fields

Create "plays" without code

Select product usage triggers, persona and ideal client profile filters, and actions from a drop-down menu and you're done.

For example, if a user "shares >5 documents" and is a "VP of Sales at a company with >250 employees," you can alert a rep in Salesforce or Slack to get in touch. And if they have "< 250 employees," you can add them to an email cadence.

This is one example – anything is possible.

Now you can see and act on product usage data in Salesforce and Slack


Prioritize accounts

Your most engaged and at-risk accounts bubble to the top so you never miss a chance to sell, upsell, or retain a customer.

Send the perfect follow-ups

Relevant product usage data such as milestones and inactivity are available inside Salesforce. Now you have the context you need for the perfect follow-up.

Act quickly

Ops will have already decided what needs to be done when an account meets certain criteria so you’ll know exactly what to do with your prioritized accounts.

Automate admin tasks

Spend more time selling when ops automates tasks such as lead creation and adding accounts to email cadences based on product usage, persona, and ICP data.

Upgrade Salesforce reports

Your Salesforce reports are missing the most important data for a company with a product-led sales motion — usage data. With Groundswell, it’s included.


Never miss an opportunity

You'll get a notification the second a user hits a product usage milestone or qualifies as inactive. No more sorting through your BI tool for these insights.

Take action with one click

Notifications come with one-click actions such as adding a new Salesforce contact, viewing an account is ready to buy or churn, or setting a reminder.

Automate busy work

Ops can easily automate adding a lead to Salesforce or an email cadence based on product usage or inactivity — freeing you up to sell and retain customers.

Integrates with the tools that drive your business


Backed by the best

Village Global
Henry Schuck
Lars Nilsson
Andrew Riesenfeld
Michael Sindicich

And others from Typeform, New Relic, Slack, Zendesk, and Workato.

Need help deploying your product-led sales motion?


Get set up in 30 minutes or less

We'll get on a call and walk you through connecting Groundswell to Segment or your data warehouse, Salesforce, Slack, Outreach, Salesloft, and more. This means product usage data will flow to the tools you already live in.

Create 5 high-value plays

Our team, which includes a form ops leader for Zoom's product-led sales motion, can dig into your product usage data, then identify and build out 5 plays that will start moving the needle now. We'll set triggers based on product usage, filter using persona and ICP data, and set up actions in Salesforce and Slack.

Let us write your email cadences

We already know what works and have templates in place to quickly set up email cadences proven to sell and retain customers. Don't let this be what stops you from turning Salesforce and Slack into product-led sales solutions.

Turn your CRM and Slack into product-led sales solutions

Get started and you'll never miss an opportunity to sell, upsell, or retain a customer again.