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Introducing: Autopilot for Pipeline Generation, powered by Generative AI

by Brendan Short
Monday, July 10, 2023
"AI will not replace Sales & Marketing Teams; Sales & Marketing Teams using AI will replace Sales & Marketing Teams not using AI”

What is different in 2023?

→ Competition

Lots of companies in 2023 are struggling to generate enough pipeline to hit their sales goals, in large part because every software category is crowded with multiple products that are very similar in terms of features (and funding).

→ Outbound is noisy

It’s a noisier world than ever before. More mass spamming has led to a lot of emails being ignored (or worse, sent straight to spam folders, never to be seen in the first place).

Close rates are the lowest they’ve been in the last decade. And companies have been forced into the tough decision to let go of many very talented sales and marketing team members who were previously generating a healthy portion of their team’s pipeline.

→ The economy is down

The “growth-at-all-costs” model is no longer relevant. Companies are struggling to hit their sales targets in the tech sector.

→ The rise of Generative AI

But there is hope. The rise of Generative AI can unlock efficiencies that were not previously possible. According to Gartner, 54% of companies will use AI by 2026.

It’s time to lean in.

Our Solution

For the last couple of years, we have been building technology to help sales teams leverage the highest intent buying signal there is: product usage data (aka PLG).

And most recently, we used this magical tool that fell out of the sky: Generative AI. This new tooling has enabled us to connect multiple workflows together, to make an end-to-end solution for customers, that autonomously books meetings on their sales reps’ calendars.

Say hi to “Autopilot for Pipeline Generation, powered by Generative AI”

Below is an example output, using “MocuSign” (a document sharing company) as the Groundswell customer. You’ll notice the lead, Leena, was selected for two reasons: 1. they have been using the product lately, sharing documents and 2. they visited the pricing page more than once, this week. Our AI detects this lead and uses the context in the email (this type of email generates a 5-8x increase in positive reply rates). And again, this is all done in the background, for the rep!

How it Works

Step 1

Groundswell connects to all of the customer’s data systems → magic happens → meetings are booked on a sales rep’s calendar. Our models select leads that have the highest propensity to buy.

Step 2

Checks the fit of the company and person to ensure that it makes sense to set up a sales conversation. We can do this using your CRM data, or our own third-party data partners.

Step 3

Our AI generates an email draft, using the context. Here’s an example of an output (context is underlined in pink):

Step 4

The emails are reviewed by a human before being sent out. All replies are fielded and dispositioned, before being synced back into the customer’s Sales Engagement Platform and/or CRM.

Step 5

Meetings are booked onto your rep’s calendar. Groundswell is intelligent enough to schedule them based on your preferred territories.

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Meetings Delivered by AI

Again, the five steps that our product takes, autonomously:

  1. Monitors Signals that are relevant for your business
  2. Checks Fit to ensure these leads are worth reaching out to
  3. Bubbles up the highest intent leads
  4. Uses the context of why a lead bubbled up to generate an email (with ai) and adds the leads into the right email sequence, from the right rep
  5. Meetings are scheduled on a sales rep’s calendar when there are positive replies

Watch Video Here → Introducing: Autopilot for Pipeline Generation, powered by Generative AI

We believe that Generative AI implemented correctly can give you a 10x outcome.

Paddle into the new (ai) wave with us → Learn More about "Signal-based Selling," Now.