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Groundswell Update Summer'22 🏝

by Hari Nayak
Thursday, September 8, 2022

Greetings from Groundswell β˜€οΈ

A warm welcome to our very first seasonal newsletter πŸ™. Today, we are excited to share the highlights of our beta launch and our journey since then. We’d also like to invite you to our upcoming events. Read on to learn more...

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Groundswell Beta πŸš€

We launched Groundswell Beta in April’22 to empower sales teams with real-time product usage data and rich context to help them identify opportunities and prioritize outreach.

In this version, we:

  • Integrated with Segment to ingest product usage data
  • Enabled users to define KPIs and measure how people and companies rank against them
  • Notified the Sales team of opportunities via Slack

Groundswell Summer 2022 🌞

This summer we deepened our impact on Sales teams and expanded our capabilities to empower customer success teams. Here are a few notable additions to our product:

  • Identify and create leads in Salesforce
  • Detect and nurture new users
  • Detect inactivity and prevent churn

Identify and create leads in Salesforce

Our beta customers have tens of thousands of free users and only a handful of sales folks for prospecting them. They want to reduce the time to discovery and the cost of acquisition.

So we built a feature to create leads in Salesforce when free users cross a product usage threshold AND match the Ideal Customer Profile (to ensure all leads in Salesforce are relevant). Our users can now manually click a button in Groundswell to create a lead πŸ™Œ or fully automate the process using Groundswell workflows πŸ€–.

Detect and nurture new users

Our customers were looking for ways to nurture tens of thousands of free users to reduce their time to value.

So we introduced a trigger to detect first-time users or returning users who meet certain product usage criteria.

We integrated with Sales Engagement Platforms like SalesLoft and Apollo so that qualifying users can be added to automated cadences and sequences (manually or automatically using Groundswell workflows πŸ€–).

Detect inactivity and prevent churn

Our users want to ensure that paying customers are constantly finding value. They wanted to be alerted to the first signs of inactivity so that they can step in and prevent an eventual churn.

So we introduced a condition that flags companies (or people) who have been inactive. Once again our integration with Sales Engagement platforms can be used to gently nudge users.

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Upcoming Events

Does PLG replace Salespeople? Is PLG the silver bullet?

Hear what Brendan (Groundswell), Jake (SKALED), and Nik (Loom) have to say and learn how to adapt your Outbound Strategy for PLG.

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