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Groundswell Update - Spring 2023 🌱

by Hari Nayak
Thursday, April 27, 2023

Greetings from Groundswell 🌸

As we enter the AI Spring this year, Groundswell is making bets on the combined power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Product Led Sales (PLS) to help businesses grow faster, more efficiently, and sustainably.

We successfully launched Groundswell Copilot for Prospecting, powered by OpenAI and onboarded the first wave of beta customers. Now, our Slack notification

  • Says why a lead was bubbled up in plain English
  • Includes a personalized email generated by AI
  • Suggests the next best action
  • Has a button to take action (eg, add to CRM or email sequence) with a single click.

Salespeople can now focus on building meaningful relationships with the customer rather than sorting and filtering data or analyzing cluttered dashboards.

Read on to learn more about other notable additions to Groundswell.

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In addition to working on AI initiatives, we achieved a few other milestones this winter:

  • Interactive Slack Bot
  • Enrichment Support
  • Hubspot Integration

Interactive Slack Bot

We launched an interactive Slack bot that brings insights and one-click action buttons to reps' fingertips. So switching your CRM or introducing a new BI tool for sales teams is unnecessary. The interactive Slack bot laid the foundations for Groundswell Copilot for Prospecting 

Enrichment Support

Groundswell introduced enrichment services to create efficient product-led sales motions (read the full blog here). By utilizing 3rd party data, Groundswell can help segment users into either a "sales-assist" path or a "self-serve" path depending on the company and user's data. This will create personalized journeys for each user, leading to massive efficiency gains for GTM Organizations.

Hubspot Integration

Groundswell introduced first-class integration with Hubspot. For example, Groundswell can create contacts in Hubspot when users cross a certain product usage threshold. It also enables us to combine product usage data with the data in Hubspot to provide more tailored recommendations.

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Notable Podcasts

Brendan and Duane discuss the essential steps to implementing product-led growth in your company. You can listen to it here.