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Groundswell Update Fall'22 🍁

by Hari Nayak
Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Greetings from Groundswell 🍁

Fall is a season for transformation, and we at Groundswell went through one of our own.

We have realigned our goals to help our customers achieve one thing that matters the most in the current economic situation - efficiency.

From now on, Groundswell will concentrate on two things -

  • Meeting salespeople where they are
  • Automating PLG plays

Meeting salespeople where they are

We are working on an interactive Slack bot that brings insights and one-click action buttons to their fingertips. So there is no need to switch your CRM or introduce a new BI tool.

Automating PLG plays

We are enhancing our workflow capabilities to automate plays. As a result, no leads will slip through the cracks, and reps will get back their time to engage with top accounts. Here's an example play powered by Groundswell.

We will keep you posted on our progress. Read on to learn more about new additions.

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In addition to realigning our goals, we achieved two significant milestones this fall -

  • Data Warehouse Support
  • Sales Engagement Support

Data Warehouse Support

Data Warehouses will become the primary source for all customer data within a few years. Data ownership, freedom from expensive CDP plans, and a rich tool ecosystem (Modern Data Stack) make it compelling. To that end, Groundswell now works with BigQuery, PostgresSQL, Redshift, and Snowflake to help Salespeople identify and act on top opportunities. Read the blog.

Sales Engagement Support

One of our main goals is to meet reps where they’re at. GTM Reps (SDRs, AEs, CSMs/AMs) spend most of their time in the CRM and Sales Engagement Platforms (SEPs). We’re excited to announce that we now fully support three of the top Sales Engagement Platforms that our customers use - Apollo, Outreach, and SalesLoft.

You can read the blog to learn how to automate plays with Sales Engagement Platforms.

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